Cat in the Vox — Pilot

Voxel cats that will invade the metaverse

Dear audience,

I am — we are all just excited to finally hear the announcement of the Cat in the Vox, our furry voxelized friends, is about to be able to be rescued and adopted by you from the street on your way home on Friday afternoon.

What is the Cat in the Vox? — Cat in the Vox is a limited edition collectible NFT series that lives on Polygon blockchain that provides no gas fees experience. Each of the cats is invented in a voxel and one-of-one. They usually portray celebrities and characters or the female versions of the characters from movies, video games, anime, or cartoons, besides the very original race called Genesis. They are described as cats in the box and constructed with a large head to give them a cute appearance like a cat in the box waiting for the new owner.

meet Geneko-00 from the Genesis

What does the cat see? — The Cat in the Vox's goal is to provide a platform for a community-driven collective while also rising crypto knowledge and increasing the utility of NFTs in general, also this is to provide the public a chance to become an owner of the Cat in the Vox and join the community since it influences the ecosystem’s growth and direction. However, one of the greatest plans of this collection, according to the cat, is to let the cat leave the box and become your ideal companion to boost your mood, as well as to take over the metaverse. Currently, the collection will initially consist of 500 NFTs, which will be published weekly.

Meet the creator — Dirga Abimana, an ordinary unwell-known artist and programmer who is passionate about the metaverse, and he is the brains behind this project. Where can he take us though?

Publishing and Giveaways — The collection of Cat in the Box will be available for adoption on OpenSea on 28th January 2022.
In the first week, 21 NFTs will be listed and ready for purchase. The price of each item starts at 0.01 ETH.

The collection can be viewed here, Cat in the Vox-Collection | OpenSea

And last but not least, three additional special edition Cat in the Vox will be minted and given away for three lucky community members on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter. So, be sure to join the house!

Dirga Abimana

Discord | Instagram | Twitter



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